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“Would your life improve if your business became your legacy, filled with the highest quality people committed to continued growth?”

I. Business Relationship Refocus

The Business Relationship Refocus is a VIP program created exclusively for the c-suite personal, business owners and upper management.  We take a 50,000 foot view and we also hone in to focus on the finer details that will allow you to maximize your growth trajectory so you can build the landscape of your ultimate vision.  You will enhance your strategic focus, increase your leadership capability, improve conflict resolution, accelerate performance, expand results, reduce stress and transcend limitations blocking achievement.  We will transforming and break through any difficulties you are facing in business while keeping you present, productive with clarity and creativity while expanding your purpose and vision, and more.

The relationship we have with our business will mirror back to us our inner strengths, and also show us the places we need to grow.  This program will be designed specifically for you to address areas of challenge and places you want to have improvement.  It is for you and any person in your business, as well your business associates, business teams, your c-suite, colleagues and other professional partnerships. This program is for whomever you determine you want to participate.

When we are in disharmony with our day-to day responsibilities, the direction of our business, or those we work with, not only will business suffer, but it will impact other areas of our lives, including our romantic life, family life, personal life, financial life, mental life, and our overall well-being. Often the people we find ourselves ‘accidentally’ working with, and even those we choose to work with, can push our buttons and create tremendous stress and inner conflict.

The Business Relationship Refocus is designed to help you breakthrough challenges you have in your business, organization and / or professional life. It will help you create a new perspective, building communication, refining plans, attaining specific results and more, while enhancing greater daily inspiration.  It will give you more fulfillment with your work and create healthier relationships dynamics with the people you interact with on a daily basis — so you can focus on what matters to you most in life.

II. Business Training

Business Training can be designed to the specific needs of your company. These programs are also available to be delivered as Keynote topics. In Peter Lynch’s book One Up on Wall Street he explains his secret to picking great companies. He did the normal quantitative evaluation and flew to the headquarters to look in different different departments and determined the following four factors were consistent in the best companies. They have people on all levels who:

a.    are grateful for their job
b.    love with what they do
c.    feel inspired by the vision of the company
d.    are buzzing with enthusiasm

The following is a basic overview of the most popular program options to help achieve your objectives:

1. Genius and Growth

Genius is the fuel of innovation and productivity. It is birthed when conflicts are cleared, communication is enhanced and there is a strong identification to a cohesive plan and strategic direction. When your team is operating from their genius, your company leads the industry. The growth and strength of your business is the product of all individuals working cohesively together and individually at their maximum genius.

2. Purpose and Profits

A unified connection to the purpose of the company results when the team; from c-suite to management, clearly sees how the company’s purpose is directly linked to their personal values. This clarification and linking expands vision, inspires performance, and generates profits. The collective culture strengthens through connection.

3. Leverage and Leadership

This unique program is designed specifically for the top tier in your company to develop new leadership skills based on current brain science and human behavior. You can seamlessly maximize the results of your team through a new level of authentic leadership that inspires personal leadership and leverages results on all levels.

III. Business Retreat Programs

Business Team Relationship Dynamics are what creates the overall culture of a company, the engagement of individuals, and the company’s trajectory to become and stay leaders in it’s industry. It has been shown that taking your business team out of their daily environment creates a new level of enthusiasm, loyalty and commitment.

The Business Team Relationship Dynamics influences daily company activities and results. This VIP program is custom designed to meet your company’s specific needs. It is delivered over two, or more, days on-site at an agreed location of your choice. It is for the purpose of accelerating progress and creating massive breakthroughs to a higher level.

This service has been created for VIP clients to be delivered to an intimate group from your team of your selection. The primary reasons Business Relationship Dynamics retreats are requested, but not limited to, is for:


  1. Accelerating Growth
  2. Creating a New Direction
  3. Managing Internal Changes in the Team
  4. Activating Inspiration and Engagement
  5. In Major Crisis, or to avoid a potential crisis
  6. Building Effective Cohesive Communication
  7. Expanding Leadership
  8. Understanding team dynamics
  9. Developing Strategic Plans and Prioritize Action
  10. Clarify Personal and Business Vision