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Please Read This First

Thank you for your interest in learning how I might help you in your life,  I’m dedicated to making a significant difference in the lives of my clients and my first priority is to make sure we are a match, so you get the results you want. It’s important for you to know I work exclusively with high-level individuals.  My clients are  successful business leaders, visionary entrepreneurs, transformational pioneers, conscious celebrities and busy philanthropists.  I work with clients one-on-one as well as along with their partners in business, love and life, their business teams and their family legacy.  My work is for those who are accustomed to superior and professional quality, expertise, confidentiality, and personalized VIP and concierge services.  In order to provide exclusive care, I limit the number of clients I work with each year.

 My clients are major achievers who will do what it takes to have what they want in their lives. In spite of busy schedules and active lives they commit the time, energy and financial resources, and dedicate themselves to the results they want.  They will do what is necessary to follow through with the recommendations offered so they can accomplish what they desire.

My style is not for everyone. I am a straight shooter who cuts through BS to get to the heart of the matter. My clients think of me as part confidante, part consultant, part mentor, part teacher, part healer, part butt-kicker, part therapeutic guide, and part trusted advisor.

I will hold a spotlight brightly on your blindspots and guide you to clear your vision.  I will often wake you up to what you do not yet see, so you can gain the clarity to know what’s next.  I will help you design and pave the path to create your desired outcomes, and I will walk you through specific steps towards manifestation of what you want.

In addition, and for some the most critical and valuable service I provide, is clarification, identification and an eradication of your unique inner blocks – so they no longer keep you stuck where you do not desire to be. Over 25 years working with thousands of individuals, I have developed specific Intrinsic clarity and clearing techniques that shift, heal and transform, mental stress, deep hidden beliefs and unconscious blocks.  Also, perhaps even more powerful, I can help you to finally heal emotional pain and trauma that keeps you from feeling, living and being your magnificent self, so you can experience lasting fulfillment.

Most of the time we will work together via phone, Zoom or Skype, no matter where I am in the world. Custom designed retreats and other special programs are delivered at an agreed location.

If you fit the above description and are ready to step towards harnessing your greatest potential, I would love to hear from you. Still, knowing you are the ‘type’ of client I typically work with, doesn’t necessarily make us a fit.   It’s essential we both feel we are a good match to work together.  To determine if we are compatible, we have a Real Conversation.

A Real Conversation.  In order for you to schedule a Real Conversation you first complete a confidential questionnaire.   Once I review it, if I think we might be a fit to work together, you will be contacted to schedule your Real Conversation at a mutually convenient time.  I provide the Real Conversation to those referred by current VIP clients and those who complete the application, at no cost or obligation. The purpose of the call is to gain clarity we are a match to work together.  The Real Conversation is generally a 45 minute call.

It’s important to say that I feel time is one of our greatest commodities.  If you know you don’t fit the above description, but still feel strongly that you want to apply for a Real Conversation, please do.  Also, let me know this when you complete the questionnaire, so I can look at all the factors before we speak. 

The Real Conversation will clarify if what you want and need is what I do best for my clients.  If we are a match, I want you to be certain you found the right person.  If we both agree to go forward, the likely next step is the VIP Day.  From completing your questionnaire through our Real Conversation and any work we do together, you have my assurance of 100% confidentiality.  Please take the opportunity to share what is most important to you, as specifically as you can. Click here so you can confidentially complete the questionnaire.

Request a Real Conversation

Click here to request a Real Conversation once you’ve read this page so we can determine the best way forward for your situation.