Meet Dr. Denise Nadler

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Dr Denise Ariahna Nadler 

The Self Growth Catalyst 




I am here to help you create a deeply fulfilling life by profoundly empowering all your relationships, especially your most important relationship — the relationship you have with your Self. 




Internationally recognized as The Relationship Dynamics Expert and Self Growth Catalyst, Mentor and Coach, Dr. Denise works exclusively with high-level leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, visionaries and performing artists — along with their partners in business, love and life.   Her clientele spans the globe, in over two decades and she has worked one on one with more than 5000 individuals… and teaching many thousands more.  Dr. Denise is known for  ‘getting to the heart of the matter’  — often in 5 minutes or less, to uncover the source of pain or a problem, and then quickly helps her client to transform, shift and heal.  

With her guidance, you will connect with and create what you want so you can live the life you live and live the life you love.  Most of her clients have extreme pressures and stresses in their life and want simple guidance they can easily implement so they can better manage the inner turmoil and outer challenges they face.  In many cases her clients already have an amazing life and therefore, they seek her help to keep them from getting stuck in life’s problems, so they preserve focus, performance, relationships and well-being.  Perhaps even more precious they find and fuel greater fulfillment and enjoyment in their life as they deepen their sense of gratitude for the blessings they already have. .  

As the go-to concierge consultant, advisor and mentor for elite individuals who appreciate premiere VIP services, she custom designs programs specifically for the unique challenges her clients face.  She is here to help you traverse trials, tribulations, crossroads and the difficulties of life transitions and major decisions.  Dr. Denise provides ongoing support for managing daily mental burdens and emotional stresses that occur in relationship dynamics, both personally and professionally.  Relationship Dynamics include, romantic partners, business partners and teams, family connections, significant friendships, and the most important relationship you have with yourself. 

Her clients consider her their  ‘secret advantage’, personal confidante, trusted mentor and therapeutic no-nonsense guide.  You will uncover a greater ease in navigating the up and down waves of a full and busy life, be calm in the middle of any storm, and more fully appreciate yourself, and the people in your lives.  Known for her direct, Dr, Nadler’s intuitive and penetrating inquiry will catalyze real and lasting results.



With over 20 years experience working with clients around in Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Mexico, Canada and the US, Dr. Nadler is one of the rare people on the planet who can claim and deliver, true and lasting personal transformation and self growth. She utilizes her expansive knowledge of the brain and nervous system, as well as thousands of clinical hours focused on the brain-body connection.  She applies her training of neurogenesis and neuroplasticity of the brain – which is how the brain and nervous system regenerates and remolds itself depending on  circumstances, both constructively or destructively.  Her training and experience allows her to facilitate powerful breakthroughs in her clients.  

Because the brain and nervous system control all function in the body, it is responsible not only for physical health, but also for an overall state of well-being, and that includes emotional wellness. Symptoms tell us when there’s a problem, but they do not necessarily tell us the cause of the problem.  Nor do they show us the precise correction that a specific individual needs to get back on a path of wellness.  

These same principles govern over all of Dr. Nadler’s work.  She is a master at helping her clients identify the emotional charges, perceptions and beliefs that are the underlying cause of relationship dynamic issues and other life challenges. She is an expert at weaving through the unconscious ‘wiring’ which she calls the ‘Inner Operating SystemTM’ or IOS.  Dr. Nadler has determined that the IOS is generally at the cause of the most complex and stressful problems that people experience.  

Her unique skills help her clients dissolve the destructive patterns within, so they can free themselves from the inner burdens that keep them stressed and struggling. Dr. Nadler assists her clients in developing a more inspiring perspective about their lives and their relationships. She helps them shift perceptions, alter behaviors and integrate profoundly effective tools, so they can enjoy the lives they worked so hard to build and can create a legacy that deeply matters to them. She is known to be a catalyst for true and lasting Life and Love Fulfillment. 

Her philosophy is simple, “Every area of our life is impacted by our Relationship Dynamics.  When we have understanding, communication and a caring connected relationship with our self (first and foremost), our partner, our family, our colleagues and business teams as well as, others in our lives, we have the highest probability of experiencing inspiration, joy and fulfillment in life.  My purpose is to help insure your Relationship Dynamics are extraordinary.” 




Due to the nature of her work, confidentiality is a number one key.  You are likely reading this because someone referred you who has had direct experience working with her or who knows her clients.  Permission to share some of the companies who have benefitted from working with Dr. Nadler are:   MasterCard, Merck Medical, Marriott Hotels, Estee Lauder, Allstate Insurance, Lehman Brothers, Royal Bank of Scotland, Police Department of Stamford, Government office of Westchester County, New Haven Public Schools, Valman International, Professional Secretaries Association, International Nurses Association and the Ritz-Carlton.  Testimonials can be made available upon request.  

Dr. Nadler is a Diplomate of the National board of Chiropractors and is a licensed Chiropractic Physician.  She has specialized in the identification and correction of the cause of the human stress condition.  Beyond her doctorate, Dr. Nadler has years of training in the healing arts, which includes, psychology, nutrition, NLP, sound therapy, Huna and many others.  

For over a decade, she was a Team Teacher and Consultant for the Parker School for Professional Success. Within two years of graduating she was selected by the Parker Resource Foundation as Consultant of the Year.  The World Congress of Women in Chiropractic chose her as Woman Chiropractor of the Year and she was also honored as Chiropractor of the Year in 1994.  

In addition to Relationship Dynamics, Dr. Nadler teaches an array of courses, workshops and training programs for professionals, business and general audiences and has been doing so for over twenty years.    In 2008 she became the first, and for seven years the only, contracted teacher and trainer for The Demartini Institute, a private research, education and service institute where she presented two of their signature programs in the US and Japan.  She also facilitated programs in Europe and UAE, as well as working with clients and teaching her own programs in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia and more. Dr. Nadler is a published co-author of “Breakthrough Secrets to Live Your Dreams” and has been a frequent guest on several worldwide radio shows.




Alongside my love for helping make a difference in other people’s lives, I’m on my own  journey of self awareness and personal growth so I can awaken and express my fullest human potential.  Encouraged and inspired by my mother – a lifetime student, teacher and author of 14 books – throughout my life to learn and grow, I have a ‘magnificent obsession’ with learning, expansion of consciousness and, what I call, “evolutionary self growth”. 

I also believe tapping into our creative self is at the heart of what awakens us to express our authentic voice and vision in world and provides the inner force of fuel to persevere so we can live the our dreams.  I love music and have enthusiasm for singing and song writing – and I’m in development of  my piano playing ability.  My mother was a professional singer and is an artist and provided me with the opportunity to have dance lessons from the age of two and voice lessons at five.  So far, I’ve produced two original musical CD’s.  I can dance a cool tango, a whimsical waltz and a rocking rumba to name few, and I have performed in musical theater plays off-broadway.  Visual art inspires me and I create my own.  I love drawing, painting, mixed media, jewelry making, gardening and photography.  Creative expression is a gateway to deeply connecting to who I am, as it opens the heart and touches my soul. 

I am an avid traveller and in many of my trips I’ve taken on challenges as a way to apply the principles I live by and teach, which is that we can pretty much accomplish anything with a focused, determined and clear mind, even when up against seemingly insurmountable odds.   Though I was a book and theater nerd (still am!), and I’m not a thrill seeker or an athlete, some of my adventures include:  climbing the Canadian Rockies, Mount Sinai in Egypt, Ayers Rock in Australia and Haleakala on Maui, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef and Hawaii, walking across fifty feet of 1800 degree coals, flying a small plane, bending a rebar with my throat – twice, and I also swallowed fire – unscathed.

As a volunteer for the medical team at Ground Zero following 9/11, I had the opportunity to help take care of the workers involved in the clean up.  It was a unique privilege of serving along side my father, who committed to helping two days a week for 9 months while taking care of patients five days a week in his office when he was 72.  His love of service and helping us permeated my life.

Born, raised and educated in New York City, I currently reside in the beauty and serenity of the woods in the United States, where in addition to the many creatures who live in the 170 acres behind my house, I share my home with Lexi, the adorable mitten-pawed feline.