Portrait of a smiling family happy together outdoors

“How would your life improve if you felt grateful for every person in your life and for them being who they are, as they are?”


I. The Relationship Rebuild

This VIP program is for the purpose of transforming any challenging current, or past unresolved, issues with family members; including parents, siblings, children, other significant family, and even close friendships that are important in your life.  It is customized for you and the person you desire to rebuild your relationship with.

In addition to the relationship we have with a romantic partner there are a myriad of relationships we have, and roles we play. Each of these relationships influence and impact our lives in various ways.

If we are in disharmony with people from our past, or those in our present, it will effect other areas of our lives, including our personal life, business life, financial life, mental life, and our overall well-being. If we are out of communication, or at odds with family members or close friends, it can create a strain on the Relationship Dynamics we have with our partners in love and in business.

Unresolved past or present emotionally charged relationships will generate internal burdens that trigger external reactions and behaviors. They also create baggage and stress that can wreck havoc on our ability to be present in conscious relationships with others.

The Relationship Rebuild has been designed to help you breakthrough any inner conflicts you have with the most significant relationships in your life beyond your romantic partner. It is designed to help you create a new dynamic with the people who matter to you most.

II. The Personal Relationship Retreat

The Personal Relationship Retreat is a custom designed program for VIP clients for the purpose of accelerating healing, transformation and growth in any personal Relationship Dynamic, other than romantic or business partnership. This includes your parents, siblings, children, other relatives and any close friendships. The program is designed for two or more participants. The group is kept small to insure intimacy and personal work for those involved.

This program is delivered over two or more days, on-site at an agreed location of your choice. Clients generally chose one of their vacation homes as the perfect place.  However, it can be anywhere as long as it is away from your usual day to day schedule.

It is for those who are seeking an accelerated program because they are experiencing all or any of the following:

1.      In Major Crisis – When you are facing a big change, a big decision, or following a major life transition and other personal matters that are at a critical point with a family member or friend. Your program will be designed to help you heal the turmoil, gain clarity and help you move forward with communication, appreciation and understanding.

2.      Creating a New Direction – When you want to break the destructive cycle keeping you stuck in repeated painful patterns from the past. Your program will help you disengage from the pattern, heal the heartache, and facilitate progressive movement forward.

3.      Solidifying a Life Decision – When it is essential to work together towards family, or shared objectives. This may include decisions about parents, or the future of others, including the dynamic you share. This program will insure you get on the same page and are united in working cohesive for common objectives.