VIP Consulting

When you become my client you receive my 25+ years experience, working with thousands of clients from dozens of countries with various backgrounds.  However, because every person is unique, my approach will be personalized to you.  My work is strictly provided at a VIP level of service. This means all sessions are customized to you and the outcomes you want. You receive priority care because you are my VIP client.

First, it’s essential to determine that we are a match to work together. Click here to find out how you can Get Started.  If we move forward, we generally begin with a program that will accelerate your progress and schedule your VIP Day.

What is The VIP Day with Dr. Denise?

day ,The VIP Day is a virtual one-to-one custom-designed transformational consulting and healing program designed to generate a sustainable shift of your specific. discussed and agreed upon, outcome. We are seeking to make a major shift.  However, we are not looking to “fix” everything in one day, but this will create a true tangible transformation.  It’s offered to you while you are in the comfort of your home via telephone, Zoom or Skype with Dr. Nadler, where ever she is in the world.  This can also be received as two half days and for some, preferred.  Further details of this program will be offered following your Real Conversation

What is the objective of The VIP Day?

Following are possible points of focus, which I have assisted clients with.

For Resolving something from the past or present, including but not limited to:

  1. the pain of loss – through divorce, death, abortion, illness, separation, bankruptcy, lawsuits
  2. the trauma of abuse – incest, rape, beatings, mental and emotional stress
  3. persistent painful memories and current emotions of anger, resentment, guilt, fear, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, grief, and more
  4. the challenge of major life change – through illness or aging of a parent, partner or loved one, mandatory or voluntary retirement, a new relationship or marriage, moving, the birth of a child or a quickly growing family

For Creating something you want, including but not limited to:

  1. a new more inspiring, empowered perspective on your life
  2. a new relationship – with a new partner, with your current partner, with yourself, with other family members which  includes the family you came from and the one you now have, as well as with those who feel like family
  3. a new business – whether making changes or starting from scratch, or seeking to reach an entirely new level, to finding new income sources within your current business and in your new business
  4. a new life direction – when facing or following a major transition in your living situation, profession, business or finances, after and while going through separation or divorce, empty nest, illness, new marriage, loss of parent or other family members, or any other crossroads

For Clarification, including but not limited to:

  1. the laws of the universe, energy, self-healing, the brain-body connection
  2. the correlation of human psychology, metaphysics and quantum physics
  3. the understanding and application of principles behind leadership, manifestation, success and more

For Guidance, including but not limited to:

  1. empowered communication – with life partner, business partner, children, siblings, other family members, business teams, clients, customers
  2. client management – to grow your business and finances, increase your authority and your results
  3. inspired living – through identifying clear direction towards what  makes your heart sing and most fulfills you, and more

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