My style is definitely not for everyone, and I do not work with just anyone.  I am a straight shooter, who cuts through BS to get to the heart of the matter.  Most of the time, we will work together, no matter where you located in the world, via phone or Skype.   Retreats and special programs on delivered at an agreed location of your choice.

Described as ‘the tough-love catalyst for true transformation’, I am dedicated to using anything I know and doing everything in my power, to help you have major breakthroughs, quickly.   It’s important to know that I work exclusively with high-level leaders, visionaries and celebrities, and their partners in love, life and business.   My clients find me through referrals and relationships.   

Years ago I realized my expertise, knowledge base, and style is best utilized in catering to the unique lives and particular challenges high-level leaders with busy jet setting lives face, as they make their  difference in the world.  My concierge consulting, mentoring and programs are specifically for VIP individuals who select custom designed services and exclusive care.

If you fit into this category, that still doesn’t necessarily make us a fit.  It’s essential for us both to know that we are a match.

To determine if we are right to work together, we would first schedule a Real Conversation.  You can request that here:

Click here to schedule a Real Conversation with me to determine if we’re a good fit to work together.


I utilize the most cutting-edge tools and technologies for brain-body change, transformation and healing which I dedicated my life to studying, developing and mastering. I have utilized these tools working with thousands of clients worldwide over the last two decades. Each person is unique and has their own needs to generate meaningful shifts and breakthroughs. Therefore, the tools I use are decided on an individual basis. I have a five step process for the structure of our work together.


1) We Identify What You Want

First, we identify specifically what you want.  I have found most people know what they do NOT want, but often are not able to clearly ascertain what they DO want.  Clarity is essential.


2) We Reveal The Root Cause(s)

Second, we focus on revealing the patterns in the brain that have caused the current situation and are interfere with creating a new direction.  These patterns are responsible for automatic emotional reactions, triggers and responses which sabotage desired outcomes.


3) We Apply Tools For Change

Third, we apply tools for transforming, shifting and healing the patterns, so that change happen on the inside and the outside.  This creates a new perspective on, and experience of, your life, your relationships, and any of the areas you are working on.



4) We Reinforce Change

Fourth, we reinforce the changes so that your actions and your thinking stay consistently focused on what you want to be, do and have in your life.  We do so by arming you with the appropriate Inner Management Tools chosen specifically for you.


5) We Ensure Continual Progress

Finally, since life is ever-changing, we work together to insure that when emotional patterns and reactive behaviors crop up, they are handled as quickly, as possible.  This is to insure that you do not lose ground in the progress made, and that you continue to move forward in your desired direction.


Schedule a Real Conversation

Click here to schedule a Real Conversation with me to determine if we’re a good fit to work together.