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“How would your life improve if you loved and appreciated your own Self and fully lived life powerfully, authentically and joyfully?”


I. The Relationship Rediscovered

The Relationship Rediscovered is a custom designed VIP program for individuals who:

1. Want to develop more understanding and a deeper connection to who they are, so they can live the life they love and love the life they live. They have dedicated their lives to achieving, making a difference and perhaps from the outside everything looks great, but feel as if something is missing, or they find themselves at a crossroads and asking the question, “Is this all there is?” or “What’s next for me?” or “How can I be, do and have the life I truly want?”.

2. Feel stressed or are struggling in areas of their life, including life fulfillment, personal empowerment, self-image, self-worth, business growth, life direction, health and wellness, productivity, financial abundance, clarity, vitality, focus, creativity, vision, leadership, intimacy, romance, connection, and more.   They want relief of their burdens and desire healing and expert guidance so they can move forward, breakthrough inner blocks, release their burdens and create what they want.

This program is also created for those who have a personal challenge in any of the Relationship Dynamics they are in, which includes;  business partners, romantic partner, their spouse, siblings, children, their parents, any extended family or close friends, work associates or other professionals.  The Relationship Rediscovered is a personal journey for those who are dedicated to shifting themselves and transforming their lives.  They choose to participate in this program on their own because they feel it’s important to them for their own growth and their fulfillment and joy about their life and their future.

If you want to build a stronger, more deeply authentic, connected and loving relationship with your own Self, this program will help you identify and correct the cause of your inner struggles and stress, your limiting beliefs and perceptions, and your unconscious, as well as conscious destructive patterns.   It will reveal your inner genius, your true values, your heart felt desires, your clear steps, your inspiration, your purpose, your vision, your hopes and dreams, and more.  It will help you transform, heal and shift your inner perspective so your have create the outcomes you desire. Ultimately The Relationship Rediscovered will profoundly empower your most important life long relationship — the relationship you have with your SELF.

This program will help:

  1. calm inner turmoil
  2. halt self sabotage
  3. dissolve debilitating self talk, behaviors and emotional reactions
  4. remove the mental and emotional stressors blocking you from  maximizing your potential
  5. generate a deeper appreciation and love for your self
  6. manage issues with any person in your life with new tools to improve communication and understanding
  7. heal deeply rooted judgements and inner baggage you have carried for months, years and even decades
  8. build a strong connection to your inner wisdom, your inner voice, your inner vision and your intuition, and more

If you are in the midst of any kind of personal crisis, stuck in the comfort zone, unable to get past your past, uncertain about your future, missing the mark in getting what you want in your relationships, business or any other area of life, this program is for you. It will allow you to clear challenges and trauma of past and present pain, so you can embrace and manifest a future you love. It will help you be more authentic and inspired about who you are and the life you are living.

II. The Personal Retreat

The Personal Retreat is an custom designed experience for VIP clients delivered at an agreed location of your choice. Clients generally chose one of their vacation homes as the perfect place, but it can be anywhere, as long as it is away from your usual day to day schedule.  The length of the retreat will be determined based on what you want to achieve.

You will be able to breakthrough baggage, accelerate your progress, plan for creating something new and connect more fully to your amazing life.  The retreat will allow you to experience sustainable shifts as you develop self healing, self awareness, self appreciation, self actualization and self love. It is for those who are seeking an intimate and intensive program because they are experiencing all, or any of the following:

1.      In Crisis – When you are facing a big change, a big decision, or following a life transition, personally or professionally. This includes separation or divorce, illness or loss, family fighting, personal battles, and other personal matters. It also can be for when you are going through lawsuits, legal battles, company sales, bankruptcy, and other professional challenges.

2.     Creating a New Direction – When you want to break of any cycle keeping you stuck in a revolving circuit of repeated painful patterns. Your program will help you disengage from the pattern, gain certainty about your direction, create a clear path, and facilitate progressive movement forward.

3.     Solidifying a Life Decision – When you want to strengthen your current relationship with yourself, and deepen your connection and clarity about your path of fulfillment. You will be able to remove inner obstacles so you can step forward into the future of your desired design, and do so with ease.

4.     Developing Something New Within You – When you want to awaken or enhance your leadership, vision, creativity, intuition, inner power, inspiration, focus, self-worth and more.